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Design Services

If you need shirts and don't have a design, we are happy to help. We can work with your concept, turn low quality files into high quality files, or just separate the colors for screens of your finished design.

T-shirt Selection

We will work with you to find the garment that is the best fit for your project. Whether it be a t-shirt, polo, hoodie, or tote; whether it's organic or union-made or both!


We print with Matsui water-based and discharge inks. Discharge inks remove the dye from the shirt, and either leave the unbleached cotton or replace the dye with pigment. The result is a bright and soft print on dark garments.

Poster Printing

Great for promotion and marketable merch, full-color digital printing cannot beat the simple elegance of a screen-printed poster. If you have a paper-printing project, screen-printing is a great way to stand out from the crowd.

Our Work



Full Circle

2 color water-based discharge print...

Civic Works


Red Zebra

3 color water-based print...

Hamilton Heirlooms



4 color water-based print...


4 color discharge print...

Yes We Canned

3 color water-based print for Woodberry Kitchen...

Open Walls Baltimore

2 color pigmented discharge print for Open Walls Baltimore...

Heart Vortex

2 color opaque water-based print ...

Woodberry Kitchen Paper-Cut

1 color unpigmented discharge print for the Woodberry Kitchen...


4 Color water-based print...

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In order to give you the most accurate quote possible, we need to know 4 pieces of information:

• What kind of shirt?

• How many shirts ? (***Please note: We have a 72 piece per design order minimum***)

• How many print locations?

• How many ink colors per print location?

Of course, we don’t expect you have all the answers off the bat, but the more info you are able to provide on the below form, the quicker we can get the process moving.

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